See also these stories about the writing and recording of selected songs.

GOOGLING (single)

ALMOST THERE Almost There album cover

1. Eight Days in January
2. The Wrong Way Home
3. Closer
4. Don’t Think That I Can Say Goodbye
5. Almost There
6. Enough About You (What About Me)
7. I’ve Got It Here Somewhere
8. My Bad
9. Somehow
10. Turn Away
11. Proof
12. End of the Line

Stop, Drop, and Roll coverSTOP, DROP, AND ROLL

1. Stop, Drop, and Roll
2. Packing On
3. Take Me in Your Arms (Possibility)
4. The Day After Yesterday
5. What I Never Said
6. Sycamore Tree


1. Humming My Way Back Home
2. Only the Soul
3. My Life Doesn’t Rhyme
4. American Dream
5. Leap of Faith
6. Fly
7. One More Waltz
8. Dog for a Day
9. Wasting Time No More
10. Sister
11. Traveling Song
12. Bones
13. Prayer
14. Here