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Syracuse Acoustic Guitar Project guitar

The Acoustic Guitar Project

One guitar. One week. One song.

The Acoustic Guitar Project is an international songwriting initiative that originated in New York City and has spread around the world. In each city, a guitar circulates from songwriter to songwriter, and each person has one week to write a song on that guitar and capture it on a portable recorder.

Projects are underway in more than 60 cities, from Buenos Aires to Boston, Havana to Hanoi, Minneapolis to Moscow, and São Paulo to...Syracuse.

The project began in Syracuse in 2014, curated by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, with a guitar handmade in Maryland by Minor Bird Instruments. To date, 35 songs have been written on the Syracuse guitar. 

Listen to all the songs here.

Mark your calendars for the seventh annual Syracuse Acoustic Guitar Project Concert on November 6, 2020.

Syracuse project songwriters

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