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Songwriting Basics for Guitarists

Songwriting Basics for Guitarists
By Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

New, expanded edition from Acoustic Guitar magazine

Eleven detailed lessons with music/tab to play and more than 65 minutes of video

Available digitally only

Songwriting Basics for Guitarists has everything you need to get started writing your own songs or to take your songwriting craft to the next level—from “pre-writing” tips and tricks for generating ideas, to making the most of your guitar as a writing tool, to strategies for developing ideas for new songs by changing the chords, feel, tonality, and time signatures of existing songs. Learn about essential major- and minor-key progressions, as well as exercises, resources, charts, and advice from songwriting luminaries such as Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, and others. Includes:

  • Start Writing Songs
  • Unlocking I-IV-V Chord Progressions
  • Free Writing
  • Writing Songs with Guitar
  • 21 Songwriting Tips from the Masters
  • Songwriting by Number: Major-key Progressions
  • Songwriting by Number: Minor-key Progressions
  • Blues/Rock Changes
  • Simple Chord Substitutions
  • Rewriting Other Songs
  • How to Write a Bridge

Lessons are available individually as well as in a complete edition. Note that some lessons are guitar-specific presentations of material also covered in The Complete Singer-Songwriter, with the addition of notation/tab and video.

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