Humming-CD-cover-600Words and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

An afternoon with my legs stretched on the grass
My head leans back and lets the hours pass
Oh there’s a child in aimless wander
Lifting flowers from the grass

The child moves on, the sun sinks in my clothes
A song appears, I hum it as it grows
Oh if the wind swept up around me
I would tumble where it chose
And sing of

Travels where my past is tied and hugging on my back
Travels stepping on and off the track
Travels where the winter’s dust is shaken from my shoes
Travels always leading home to you

Today the beach, the ocean holds my eyes
The waves erase my footsteps as others rise
Oh, if a wave swept up around me
I would float without surprise
And sing of


The months pass by, your touch is far away
The song grows sad, I miss you every day
Oh, but another day approaches
Reunion rolls in like a wave
So I sing of