Stop, Drop, and Roll coverWords and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

The day after yesterday I lost my luck
Sped right off in an old milk truck
Oh I heard it clinking away

The sky was yellow and the sun was black
Rise or set—I can’t keep track sometimes
It’s been a very big day

The ladders climbed, the quarters played
The babies cried, the blue jeans frayed
Crack in the rear view mirror

The final round of truth or dare
The dorky sprout of facial hair
Are closer than they appear
On the day after yesterday

The day after yesterday I lost my spot
The line stretched on, the day was shot
Looks like it’s really here to stay

Dropped my nickels and I spun the dial
Let it ring a good long while
Oh I will get an answer someday

In black and white suspended space
The gap-tooth smile, the breathless chase
Wheeling it into town

The ice comes down, the branches gleam
The slipping slope, a child’s dream
Never to touch the ground
On the day after yesterday

The vinyl hour I take a spin
The needle pops again again
Stuck in the Memphis blues

Forever young, forever gray
Forever spun the same old way
Nobody can refuse
The day after yesterday

The day after yesterday and still I find
I fall ahead, I spring behind
Sometimes I just take my time