Humming-CD-cover-600Words and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

I have a little sister
But we never got to play
She said hello and said goodbye
The very same day

Daddy was so quiet
Mommy cried and cried
Grandma took me to the park
My parents stayed inside

People see my family
My brother and me
They say that we have two kids
But I know we have three

I have a little sister
I saw her foot slide far
Across my mommy’s belly
Like a shooting star

I painted her some pictures
Of a rainbow on the bay
My sister took them with her
When she went away


I have a little sister
This year she will be two
I like to think of all the things
She and I could do

We’d strum the ukulele
And race the wooden cars
And when she grew up big enough
I’d teach her monkey bars


I have a little sister
She’s somewhere up above
I send her secret wishes
And messages of love

She plays with every sister
And brother who is there
On a rainbow-colored playground
Floating through the air

I have a little sister
And though it makes me sad
I like to do my puzzles
And wrestle with my dad

My brother does this wiggle
He dances like a clown
Sometimes I don’t mind it when
He follows me around

We are all a family
Branches on a tree
My sister is my sister
And she will always be