Humming-CD-cover-600Words and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

Searching for chords that’ll turn like a wheel
As I try to interpret the way that I feel
Wishing for words that’ll glimmer like pearls
No, I never stop hoping to impress all the girls
Too ancient for Idol, too young to expire
Here’s why this songwriter does not retire

My life doesn’t rhyme so I pick and I choose
I leave out the black and I sing you the blues
For artistic license I’m paying my dues
With every step of the way

I’m mining for meaning, spelunking for sound
The headlamp is beaming, it’s dark all around
I’ll take something clever if nothing’s profound
And call it a fairly good day

You know heartache and quiet desperation
Are hanging around every bend
But a song with a rhyme can turn on a dime
And carry me home again

My life doesn’t rhyme and the world is off key
But here in my song all the voices agree
And sweet resolution is just up to me
I like it much better this way

’Cause heartache and quiet desperation
Are a songwriter’s very best friend
But a song with a rhyme and a good sense of time
Will carry you through to the end

So I’ll mix all these metaphors and hope for the best
Reach for the feeling down deep in my chest
Thank you for listening to what I’ve confessed
In my sinner songwriterly way