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My Bad

Words and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
From the album
Almost There

Yeah, it’s me, I did it, I am the one
Left my fingerprints on the smoking gun
Used a candlestick in the billiard room
When I see my chance I will resume
To the rhythm of your tell-tale heart
Tell me how it went so I can play the part
I’ll be the kind of man that you never had

My bad...
Mama, mama

Yeah it’s me, I did it, all my fault
I filled the sugar bowl with a mound of salt
When the seat’s left up and your fortune’s down
You know for sure I’ve been around
I put the wrinkles in your tailored plans
My every wish is your command
In every compromise that you ever had

My bad...
Mama, mama

Try to catch me
I am gone
Never catch me

I got the superpowers that can’t be matched
When I’m not even there, I leave the door unlatched
Tear the pages from your book of dreams
You know reality is never how it seems
My sneaky moves are unsurpassed
You will never see ’cause I move so fast
I’m the shadow of the doubts you always had

My bad...
Mama, mama

© Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers Music/ASCAP

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