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Humming My Way Back Home

Words and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
From the album 
Humming My Way Back Home

Stand by the window and raise it wide
Open your ear for a song
I’m turning the corner and coming inside
Weary but never so strong

I’m humming my way back home
Humming my way back home to you
Humming my way back home
To rest with you, as night rolls through

Living is longings and lessons half-learned
Our words tangle up in a knot
Let’s forget what we’ve given, forget what we’ve earned
Give thanks for the love that we’ve got


Winter is coming, the leaves blow down
Daylight is slipping away
Stoke up the fire and gather around
There’s no place where I’d rather stay


To rest with you

© Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers Music/ASCAP

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