Almost There album coverWords and music by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

On a slow train to the edge of the city
In the lurching of an empty car
Your jaded eyes, a thin disguise
You’ve never gone this far

You hear the punch punch of the hole in your ticket
And the old man sings a station song
And when you dare descend the stair
Your shadow will grow long

This is your time, this is no test
You’ve got no crime to be confessed
There’s only love for evermore
Will take you back to the core

When you stand alone in the crush of the city
When your heartbeat is a distant drum
You never know that you must go
Until the time has come

In the cold light of insinuation
You’re a cartoon of what they say
You take your stand when you demand
Just who the hell are they


The drum drum is taking you back…