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Chords at Your Fingertips

Chords at Your Fingertips
New from the publishers of Acoustic Guitar

A dozen lessons by master teachers Ron Jackson, Adam Levy, Sean McGowan, Jane Miller, and Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

72 pages of instruction and exercises with more than three hours of video

Available from Acoustic Guitar in print and digital editions

In Chords at Your Fingertips, five of Acoustic Guitar’s master teachers deliver a dozen four-week workouts designed to engage both your fingers and your mind as you develop musical vocabulary and fluidity, while putting chords, harmonies, and progressions at your fingertips. 

Follow this series of step-by-step lessons that take you from mastering moveable chord shapes to building chords from pentatonic scales to harmonizing like Chet Atkins and a whole lot in between.

What you'll learn

  • Moveable Chord Shapes (Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers)
  • Suspended Chords (Jane Miller)
  • Drop-D Chord Changes (Sean McGowan)
  • Blues Bass Lines (Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers)
  • Driving Rock Rhythms (Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers)
  • Walking Jazz Bass Lines with Chords (Ron Jackson)
  • Exploring Thirds (Sean McGowan)
  • Using Sixths in Minor-Key Settings (Adam Levy)
  • Building Chords from Pentatonic Scales (Sean McGowan)
  • Expressing Chord Changes Through Melody (Adam Levy)
  • Jazz Reharmonization (Ron Jackson)
  • Harmonizing Like Chet Atkins (Ron Jackson)

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